Cell Metaphors

Plant Cell Animal Cell

You will be researching cell parts to complete your project.  First, you will decide on a Metaphor that you will create and present to the class.  You will fill in the blank,  "A cell is like a ____________"  This will be your main metaphor and then for each cell part you will pick another metaphor that fits within the main metaphor and you will explain why you have chosen it.    For example, If a Cell is like a City (that is the main metaphor) then the Nucleus is like City Hall because it controls everything that happens in the City. 


The Process
Before you decide on your metaphor you must first research each cell part listed below and determine its location, function and how it works with other cells parts to function correctly.  Be able to state three differences between plant and animal cells.  Be sure to print out a good cell diagram that is labeled with all the cell parts to put in your binder. 

You may use the following web resources to do your research:

The Virtual Cell Web Page    http://personal.tmlp.com/jimr57/textbook/chapter3/cm.htm

A Typical Animal Cell  http://projects.edtech.sandi.net/miramesa/Organelles/animal.html

A Typical Plant Cell http://projects.edtech.sandi.net/miramesa/Organelles/plant.html

Think Quest  http://library.thinkquest.org/12413/structures.html

Cellular Organelles http://www.winterwren.com/apbio/cellorganelles/cells.html

 The Cell Membrane  http://cellbio.utmb.edu/cellbio/membrane.htm

After your research is complete you may now decide on your metaphor.

The Cell is Like a ____________________!


Open this table as a new document:  Cell Metaphors


Cell Structure

Location within cell, Located in plants? Animals?

Function of cell part

What the cell part looks like.

Other cell parts it is associated with?

Metaphor for structure(Only need 8)

Explanation of why you chose the metaphor.(Only need 8)

Cell Membrane 







Cell Wall



































Nuclear membrane














Endoplasmic Reticulum










































Golgi Apparatus







List three differences between plant cells and animal cells:


Now that all your research is complete you need to decide how you will present your metaphor to the class.  I'd like you to use your most creative ideas when deciding on an oral presentation mode. You may choose one of the following presentation methods or see the teacher for approval of any other ideas you have.  You will need to choose 8 of the 15 cell parts and metaphors to present to the class.

For each of the following ideas you will incorporate your 8 metaphors and what you have learned. 

1.      Write an adventure story.  You can record the story on a tape or CD or present the story orally to the class. 

2.        Create a game to play including game board and directions. ( Cell-opoly)

3.      Design a Comic book and read it to the class.

4.      Present a puppet show with the cell parts.

5.      Present your metaphor on poster board.  (-10)

6.      Art Project:  ex.  Paint your own pottery, mobile, etc.

7.      Something else????   Clear it with me first!!!